unattractive kitchen cabinets versus a beautiful modern kitchen

Great interior design goes further than carefully choosing which furniture goes where and what decorative pieces you want to display. Home renovations can add value, design, and function to a property, but only if they are done properly. Far too often simple oversights can turn what should have been a dream kitchen into a kitchen horror.

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Kitchen Interior Design Nightmares

To help you avoid having a kitchen horror of your own, here is a guide on bad kitchen interior designs and how to avoid them:

1. Improperly-Installed Appliances

Improperly installed appliances or cabinetry can turn a beautiful kitchen into a nightmare in a split second.

The Fix

Always hire professional kitchen cabinet manufacturers and suppliers for your cabinetry. As for the installation, ensure that the measurements are accurate and verified by hiring a verified contractor who has a long track record of quality kitchen installations.

2. Unlevel Flooring

Adding new floors to your kitchen can make it look spectacular, but if the floor is uneven, you have a tripping hazard in an already dangerous area.

The Fix

Vet your contractor and their subcontractors. The general thumb of advice is that a contractor is only as good as the companies he hires, and so you should only use the last project as a frame of reference and only then if the team is the same.

3. Nonfunctional Kitchen

An unfunctional kitchen can look beautiful but not be able to handle your day to day activities. Perhaps there is too little storage or not enough counter space.

The Fix

Take your time when designing your kitchen so that it has everything you need to cook and entertain.

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4. Subpar Materials

Poor quality materials might be cheap, and they might even look good in the beginning, but over time, they will wear down, break, and look poor.

The Fix

Invest in high-quality materials. Be open to alternative man-made materials, but never skimp out on quality for your kitchen.

5. Mold & Rot

If there are hidden disasters like water damage, mold, lead, asbestos, or rot, then you will need to get the problem handled. Never build a kitchen over such issues.

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While well-thought-out remodelling can improve your home’s aesthetic and add value and functionality, weak design can have the complete opposite effect. Hire kitchen remodelling experts like The Kitchen Depot to ensure that you hit all the right notes.