A kitchen is a high-use, high traffic, focal area in the home. Therefore, a well-designed kitchen should be high on the priority list for potential buyers – and home owners – looking to sell their properties in the near or distant future. Besides the visual appeal, there are several other benefits that contribute to your home’s value.

Everything to Know About How a Designer Kitchen Can Add Value to Your Home

If you are still on the fence about whether to upgrade your kitchen, we are here to help you learn everything you need to know about how a designer kitchen can increase your home’s value.

1. A Designer Kitchen Increase a Home’s Selling Price

There are numerous ways to increase the selling price of your home and add value, simply through upgrades to your kitchen. Doing something as small as changing fittings, replacing doors and drawer handles, and including some modern energy-efficient appliances is an easy way to add a small but significant amount onto your selling price. If you have the option and funding to fit a new designer kitchen to your home, you have the possibility of adding an estimate of 6% to your properties value.

2. Homes with Designer Kitchens Sell Quickly

Studies have shown that the kitchen is often the first renovation done by new home owners. Not only will a designer kitchen allow you to increase your asking price, but already having a designer kitchen will appeal to potential buyers, as they will not have to renovate it themselves after they have bought the property. This will give you a competitive advantage over other houses with outdated kitchens on the market, resulting in your selling time being much shorter.

3. Ensure that Your Added Value Is Within the Price Bracket

It is important to remember to stick within your price bracket when upgrading your kitchen- this will ensure that you are adding value without spending money that you will not get back. For example, it is pointless investing R20 000 for a designer kitchen in a house that is only worth R200 000, as you will end up spending a large amount of money that will add little value – if any- to an average home.

On the other hand, the same goes for an expensive house. If your house costs R1 500 000 and you skimp on kitchen upgrades, you run the risk of dragging down the price of your property. Seek professional advice to ensure you spend the right amount for your house.

4. Designer Kitchens with Modern Appliances Enhance the Sophisticated Look

Appliances, such as stoves, fridges, sinks and microwaves are worth investing in for your kitchen, as they enhance the overall look of the kitchen. These can appeal to potential buyers and realtors, as the kitchen will take on a more expensive, professional look.

Call ‘Kitchen Depot’ Today to Add Affordable Value to Your Home

It should be clear by now that a designer kitchen in your home can significantly influence the value of your property. Call ‘Kitchen Depot’ today and let our professionals assist you in creating a designer kitchen that is within your price range!