Bright and colourful kitchenKitchen trends are always training, however, there are styles and colour combinations that tend to gain a greater fanbase than others. Kitchen Depot has seen hundreds of kitchens and are sharing the colour combos that we have loved and see sticking around in modern kitchens.

3 Modern Kitchen Colour Combos We Love

Here are 3 of our favourite kitchen colour schemes that you bring into your home. Visit our blog for more kitchen tips.

1. White and Gold

Modern kitchens love the all-white look, but what better way to add a bit of dazzle then by incorporating some gold in. This gives your kitchen an elegant look, whilst maintaining the sleek appeal of all-white. Add splashes of golf on handles, faucets and décor.

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2. Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are becoming a firm favourite for modern kitchens. The combination of greens, browns and greys work together to create a smooth finish and relaxed space to unwind in after a long day. With the correct lighting, this space can be extremely peaceful.

3. Matte Black and Grey

This is the king colour combination for modern kitchens. Matte black gives an effortlessly chic finish and can make any space look sleek and modern. The touches of grey lighten the space and reduce the harshness that comes from all-black.

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