When trying to plan your perfect kitchen design, it is easy to get caught up in colour schemes and tiling options, but there are much more important things to consider. Kitchen Depot has years of experience in bringing visions to life, so we are here to help you with yours!

What Makes a Kitchen Perfect?

There are many factors that contribute to designing the ideal kitchen, but we have narrowed down the top four qualities a perfect kitchen must have:

1. A Perfect Kitchen has Ample Storage & Counter Space

One of the most important assets you will find in an idealistic kitchen is plenty of storage. The most obvious benefit to this would be the option to store products and appliances out of sight, leaving your kitchen looking clean and organized. Clean counter tops are also more hygienic for your home, as less clutter allows for quick and thorough wipe downs.

2. The Perfect Kitchen Features Well-Placed Work Spaces

When planning your kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is the layout of your work stations. You can do this by simply arranging your primary workstations, the fridge, sink and stove, in the formation of a triangle. This layout allows you to move between the three work stations quickly and efficiently.

3. An Open Plan Layout is Ideal for a Perfect Kitchen

An open plan kitchen will immediately enhance a home by creating a feeling of space and flow. Entertaining is more intimate, with the host being able to participate in the conversation whilst preparing meals. More ventilation and space ensures minimal cooking odours and the kitchen claims its rightful place as heart of the home.

4. High-Quality Appliances Make for a Perfect Kitchen

When shopping for appliances for your perfect kitchen, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. While buying a cheaper product may seem like a good option, paying a bit more will save you time and money, as repairs will be costly, and a rusty sink or oven will ruin the appearance of your fabulous kitchen!

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