All-white kitchenWe know that kitchen renovations can be stressful, which is why we are sharing the top mistakes that we have seen in kitchen remodels. Kitchen Depot knows all the secrets when it comes to renovations and want to share some tips on how to ensure that your kitchen renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Depot are sharing 5 common mistakes to avoid, ensuring that your kitchen renovations go off without a hitch! For more kitchen tips and hacks, visit the Kitchen Depot blog!

Mistake #1: DIY without Confidence

When renovating your kitchen, a major mistake made by many is to DIY when they are not confident with the task. This can end up costing a lot more money than paying a professional to do it. Only DIY renovations if you are comfortable with what needs to be done. If you find yourself doubting when googling the process, rather get a contractor or someone more experienced to help out.

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Mistake #2: Not Having Enough Storage and Workspace

This is something that you need to stress to your contractor in the very beginning. If you have accumulated a fair amount of ‘kitchen clutter’ that needs to be stored, have a large family or enjoy spending time cooking in your kitchen, then you need substantial storage and workspace. Nothing spoils a well-designed kitchen like cluttered countertops.

Mistake #3: Forgetting About Lighting

Many people tend to overlook lighting during renovations as they are things that people assume are just a given. However, you want to ensure that you have sufficient lighting above the stove, as well as your main workspace to make dinner prep easier and safer. Also research different lighting to illuminate your kitchen in the most attractive way.

Mistake #4: Not Budgeting Correctly

This is a common mistake that can cost a lot of money by the end of it. Research the materials and appliances you want for your kitchen that are in your price range and do not deviate from it. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement, but draw up a detailed budget, that covers everything and make sure that it falls within your overall budget.

Mistake #5: Choosing Appliances Last

This can be a big mistake that will make life extremely difficult for you and your contractor. The trick is to pick out your big appliances in the shop before renovations begin. Measure them and provide your contractor with the measurements. This will allow your contractor to account for the space needed to avoid having to redo spaces for the fridge, stove or freezer.

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