Large kitchen taking advantage of the natural lighting from the windows


Summer is the season for rooms filled with light and airy rooms. When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, the last place you want to be is in a hot and closed-off kitchen, which is why having an airy kitchen is a must!

4 Top Tips for a Light and Airy Kitchen

Kitchen Depot has all the summer kitchen design tips you need to ensure your kitchen is ready for summer! Here are 4 tips to get a light and airy kitchen just in time for Summer!

1. Use White as Your Main Colour

White is a colour that looks great, both at night and in the daylight. Having white as your main colour will instantly brighten up the room and attract the sunlight. Cabinets, doors, countertops and walls all look good in white and are complemented by colourful appliances and other decorative pieces.

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2. Choose Light Curtains

Curtains are one of the most influential on whether a room looks light and airy or not. Choosing curtains that are made from light material and have a light colour will prevent your kitchen from looking stuffy and closed-off from outside. Colours like white, light grey, light blue or yellow are all colours that will brighten up your kitchen in the summer sun.

3. Make Use of Natural Lighting

The best way to get a light and airy kitchen is through natural lighting. When organizing your kitchen, it is important to ensure that no furniture is obstructing this light. Try to allow the natural light from the windows to fall on empty space, such as the floor, to prevent any obstruction from other furniture pieces.

4. Install Open Shelving

Adding open shelves to your kitchen will instantly give it a more open and airy feeling, which is exactly what you want in summertime. Closed shelves tend to make a room look smaller, as they take up more space. Shelves stacked with plates and bowls will be visually appealing, as well as beneficial to your kitchen’s overall look.

Design your Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Depot Today

Kitchen Depot can help you create the summer kitchen of your dreams! Call us today and let us know what you have in mind for your kitchen, our talented team of designers will be happy to assist you throughout the process.

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