Dustpan and brush covered in spring flowersWith spring in the air, it is time to bring out the duster, mop and broom to give your kitchen a thorough deep clean. We, at Kitchen Depot, are talking more than just the weekly mop and wipe down. Spring cleaning a kitchen takes work, but a sparkling new space is a great reward. Put on some old clothes and your favourite music and get ready to get stuck in.

4 Tips for Your Kitchen Spring Clean

In this blog post, we cover 4 cleaning ideas that will help you ensure that every corner of your kitchen is shiny and new.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Give the Inside of Cupboards and Drawers a Good Clean

When spring cleaning, most people go through their kitchen cupboards and drawers to clear out what they no longer use. This is a good thing to do, however, don’t forget to take everything out and give the drawer/cupboard inner a good scrub. Plenty of dust and grime accumulates over time, which is why the occasional dust and scrub is important to ensure they are just as clean as the items they hold.

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Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Disinfect ‘High-Traffic’ Areas

High-traffic areas are those places everyone in the household touches regularly. These include light switches, the fridge door handle, cabinet handles, the kitchen tap and oven door handle. While it is important to give them a good scrub and disinfectant when spring cleaning, we recommend giving them a quick wipe down with disinfectant regularly.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Don’t Forget those Hard-to-Reach Areas

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is not a saying we want to hear during a kitchen spring clean. Grab a step ladder or dining room chair and give those hard-to-reach surfaces a good dusting and wipe down. We are talking about the top of cabinets and fridges that tend to be neglected as they aren’t on eye level.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Give Appliances a Good Scrub

Kitchen appliances accumulate so much more dirt and dust than we realize. Don’t forget to pull out large appliances like the oven, fridge and freezer to dust and wash underneath, as well as clean the inside where you often forget to look.

Revamp Your Kitchen this Spring with Kitchen Depot

If you have noticed that your kitchen is looking a little rundown, Kitchen Depot is here to help. Whether your old kitchen cabinets are needing replacing, or your damaged countertops are ruining your kitchen’s aesthetic, Kitchen Depot can help you with it all. From design advice to drawing up a budget, call Kitchen Depot today and let us know how we can help you achieve your perfect kitchen.

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