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The Kitchen Depot brings you 4 tips to maximise your small kitchen space

Many homes undergo a kitchen renovation at some point in their lives. In many cases, this renovation is huge and involves knocking down a wall or two in order to open up the space. This option, however, is not available for everyone. Perhaps your kitchen is sandwiched between low bearing walls that cannot be removed, or perhaps you just don’t have the budget to knock down walls left, right and center.

Packing Punch into Your Kitchenette

Small kitchens can be beautiful, functional, and practical. They just need smart, innovative design ideas to maximize the space that they have.

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Make Use of Your Vertical Space

One great small kitchen design idea is to work your way up. Far too often, cabinets in kitchens don’t make use of the dead space near the ceiling. The reason for this is that most people simply won’t be able to reach that high.

With innovative design and smart thinking however, you can make full use of this space. Either choose a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that creates cupboards that feature shelves that can be brought down on a hinge, or add a small nook where you can keep a small step ladder.

The top area is perfect for those appliances and tools that don’t see too much use but are large and bulky.

Drop Down Furniture

Drop down or movable furniture is a great way to expand the use of the space you have. For example, you could have a drop-down counter that gives you move preparation space to work with. Alternatively, you could have removable counters you could, say, put over your stove or your sink while you need to prepare, and then put away when they are done.

Extendable Dining Areas

Extendable dining areas can give you the floor space you need to breathe when cooking and ample seating space to host when it is time to serve dinner. These extendable dining areas can be installed directly to the wall of your home, or be independent. Either way, you will want to ensure that these extendable dining tables match the décor scheme you are going for, and have a home where they look beautiful put away or extended outwards.

Innovative Cabinet Organization

You want next to nothing on your countertops when you have a small kitchen. Instead, you will want to make use of your cabinet space and backsplash. By adding hooks behind your stove, you can keep all your cooking utensils in order. Within your cabinets consider adding shelves, partitions, and even hooks to maximize their usage.

If you have a corner cabinet you need to get a rotating shelf to really make use of the space. Far too often corners are wasted because they can be difficult to reach, but with a rotating shelf you can easily access all the cooking supplies you need.

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Maximise Your Kitchen with Expert Renovation from The Kitchen Depot

The kitchen is the heart and stomach of the home, which is why it needs to be as functional as possible and suit your needs. With smart design you can achieve this, no matter how small your kitchen is – get in touch with us and let us show you how!