a rustic-styled kitchen, designed by The Kitchen Depot


So many kitchen trends come and go but there is one that will forever remain a classic in the eyes of kitchen experts and homeowners and that is the Rustic Kitchen. At The Kitchen Depot, This timeless trend is suitable for any home and will never go out of style.

5 Rustic Décor Tips for Your Kitchen

Due to being so popular amongst our clients, we know all the rustic kitchen trends and want to help you create the rustic kitchen of your dreams. Keep reading our blog as we reveal 5 tips from our kitchen experts for creating the most rustically-perfect kitchen for your home!

1. Wood on Wood

When creating a rustic look, you are wanting to go for a weathered, worn look. In your kitchen, you can do this by making use of various woods. We are talking about wooden cabinets, wooden countertops, even wooden floors. The use of wood gives your kitchen a simple, yet homely feel that will leave you feeling like you just stepped into a mountain cabin ever time you walk in.

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2. Exposed Beams

We love this look! If you really want to go all-out for your rustic kitchen theme, you are going to want exposed beams- it is even better if you pair it with tip #1 and have wooden beams. This décor trend really is the cherry on top of a perfect rustic kitchen, plus the exposed beams give the illusion that the room is much bigger than it is!

3. Mismatch

Mismatched décor is one of the main characteristics of a rustic kitchen and we love it! There are no rules on what exactly needs to be mismatched, so you can get creative by finding a variety of beautiful plates, different vases and picture frames, even different rugs scattered around the floor. If you strategically match these pieces, you can create a rustic, homely feel that looks effortless

4. Open Shelving

If you want to open up your kitchen and display the stunning mismatched plates you found, incorporate an open shelving system. Choosing to replace upper closed cabinets with open shelves will give your kitchen an instantly airy feel and give off a simple, welcoming look found in old, rustic homes.

5. Stone

This age-old interior trend has been around for centuries and we understand why. Besides being visually appealing, stone walls or countertops are extremely unique in households, many people choosing to go with paint or tiles. Many people think stone walls or floors and immediately assume grey, dark and gloomy; however, there are so many brick or stone options that will leave you with a light, cosy and welcoming kitchen look.

Let Kitchen Depot Help You Get the Perfect Rustic Look

Our team at Kitchen Depot are committed to helping our clients create the kitchens of their dreams! From budget to measurements, we will help you through it all. Call us today with any questions or queries or to request a quote.

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