Fresh, new white and grey kitchen ready for the new decadeThe start of a new decade means a fresh start for homeowners all over the world. This is a decade to be selfish; put yourself first, learn to say ‘no’ to things that do not contribute to your goals and quit denying yourself the home renovation you deserve. At The Kitchen Depot, we realise that it is common for complex tasks, such as home renovations, to be pushed aside for another time, simply because of the energy needed to successfully accomplish the task.

5 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen This Year

Make 2020 the year you tick items off your ‘to-do list’, starting with the heart of the home, your kitchen. Kitchen Depot will be sharing five benefits of kitchen renovation and why it is a ‘must’ for 2020. Start the decade off right by revamping your outdated kitchen. Keep reading our blog as we reveal five reasons why you may want to do this.

Renovation Reason #1: You Want to Sell Your Home

If you have been toying with the idea of selling your home, this may be your year. We believe that there is no time like the present. Add value to your home by revamping your outdated kitchen with a more modern one. Kitchens have tremendous leverage when it comes to influencing a buyer’s decision, which is why you want to put your best foot forward. Make 2020 a year of productivity and change for you and your family, as you prepare your home for the market.

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Renovation Reason #2: You Need a New Energy

It is known that looking at the same interior over a long period of time can have a negative influence on an individual’s energy. The repetitive décor can be associated with low energy levels that have little to no enthusiasm to spend time in the kitchen. This tends to happen when an individual begins to notice that their kitchen is noticeably out of date. A kitchen revamp may be the best option is you are looking to find the passion for cooking you once had or feeling your mood drop when you enter the room. Make this year the year where you allow yourself to acknowledge your energy levels and what may be affecting them; out with the old, in with the new!

Renovation Reason #3: Go Green

As the years pass by, we become more and more aware of how our carbon footprint affects our planet. We encourage our customers and clients to do more research on this topic and make the necessary changes, no matter how small. How does this relate to revamping your kitchen? Fortunately for us, technology is on our side and offer a variety of eco-friendly energy-saving kitchen appliances, plug points and water-saving devices. This is less of a kitchen renovation and more a carbon footprint clean-up, which will make your kitchen eco-friendly. You can achieve a greener kitchen by replacing certain cleaning products, reducing unnecessary artificial light growing your own herbs and vegetables, as well as introducing a recycling system.

Renovation Reason #4: Match Your Kitchen to Your Lifestyle

2020 may be a big year of change in your home; your last/only child may have moved out, your young children may be taking up more room or you have found that you may want to make your kitchen more entertainment-friendly. Regardless of the reason, make the necessary adjustments to your kitchen this year and welcome the changes as ways to test your creativity as you design your new space.

Renovation Reason #5: You Simply Want a Change

A decade of looking at the same theme and colour scheme may finally be taking its toll on you and you are ready for a change. If you find that you are bored with the stunning kitchen you once love so much, it may be time to redo it. Depending on your financial status, you can make small or big changes to your kitchen. Regardless, the change is bound to refresh you and leave you feeling ready to tackle the next 10 years!

Design Your Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Depot Today

Use 2020 as a year of preparation for the upcoming decade, starting with your kitchen. Call Kitchen Depot today and let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams. For all your kitchen requirements, visit our website or one of our stores and let the fun begin!

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