Kitchen remodelling can be an exciting, yet overwhelming task to take on. No matter how prepared you think you are, curveballs are often thrown when you least expect them. However, these unexpected changes and trials help you appreciate the end result even more.

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The Expectation Versus the Realities of Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen remodelling expectations can often be thwarted by reality, however with fair warning from The Kitchen Depot, there are certain ‘kitchen expectations versus reality’ scenarios and outcomes that you can prepare for. Here are the most common expectations versus reality scenarios you may experience when you remodel your kitchen.

The Painting

Expectation: An Easy DIY
Reality: Streaky Walls

A common misconception when it comes to remodelling any room is that painting is an easy DIY job. It is common that people end up with a paint job that is streaky and unprofessional. If your budget allows for it, it is advisable to hire a professional painter so that you are satisfied.

Pinterest Kitchen

Expectation: Pinterest Perfect
Reality: Pinterest Fail

Pinterest videos make home DIYs look so easy, the video is a minute and a half long and the DIYer’s project comes out flawlessly. However, the reality is that the project will take an amateur several days to complete, often receiving a result they are not happy with. When you have the option, get someone who knows what they are doing to tackle the tasks you aren’t comfortable with.

Creative Colours

Expectation: Unique and Chic
Reality: Colour Clash

This misjudgement can cost you a lot of money correcting. Many people get carried away in the excitement of a kitchen remodel and end up experimenting with different colour combinations. The outcome can be disappointing because, simply, popular colour combinations are popular for a reason and, straying away from these tried and tested combinations, may result in a terrible mismatch. Seek assistance from an interior decorator if you aren’t confident with your colour co-ordination.

Completion Time

Expectation: A quick job
Reality: Unforeseen delays

Many people, whether they have professional contractors or not, think that a kitchen remodel is a straight-forward, quick and easy job; however, this is not always the case. Often, unforeseen obstacles and delays result in the remodel taking several days or weeks longer than planned. You may want to change the position of your sink, without realizing you will have a lot of plumbing to redo. This easily overlooked error will add on a substantial amount of time and money to your remodelling endeavour.

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