Black vintage stove and kettle that go perfectly with the industrial style- even just for décor!Industrial-styled kitchens are gaining more popularity by the day. At The Kitchen Depot, we love this low-maintenance kitchen trend, one that stemmed from the idea of turning old industrial working spaces into fashionable home spaces.

5 Tips to Get the Perfect Industrial Kitchen Style

If you are looking for a kitchen style that will only get better with age, these industrial kitchen style tips will put you on the right path. Begin your planning process now by finding all the inspiration right here. Use the tips covered in this blog to guide your kitchen research and get your creativity up and running.

1. Keep the Flooring Basic

This is a main common trend used in industrial kitchens and really contributes to the look. Floors that have been left uncovered with a glossy finish ties the room to the working theme. Cement floors look great when glossed and keep the flooring simple to allow other elements of the kitchen to attract attention.

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2. Have a Clear Work Space

Whether it be a centre island or designated counter-space, industrial kitchens all have clear working spaces with sufficient lighting. A centre island is a great option, as there are so many ways you can incorporate the theme around it. A wooden or concrete centre island is best for the theme and is a common find in industrial kitchens.

3. Make Use of Bare Metal Pipes

We love this unique décor trend. Give your kitchen the ultimate industrial look by incorporating metal pipes for aesthetically pleasing décor. You can use the metal pipes as shelf supporters, replace skirting boards with metal pipe railings or attached to light fixtures. The great part is that they go with any colour scheme.

4. Incorporate Vintage Elements

To give the illusion of old-fashioned working space you can incorporate some vintage elements into your kitchen. This can be done by placing some vintage furniture and appliances around, even if they are just decorative pieces. Think vintage chairs, teapots and trays strategically placed to contribute to the old-fashioned theme.

5. Use Industrial Light Fixtures

These light fixtures are just as much statement pieces as they are for the light. Industrial light fixtures are usually single lights extended down from the ceiling and placed above a workspace. Add a splash of colour to your kitchen by choosing colourful light fixtures and enjoy shopping around for the perfect style. These light fixtures look best above a centre island.

Let Kitchen Depot Help You Bring Your Vision to Life

Our team at Kitchen Depot is made up of only the most knowledgeable and creative kitchen experts. Let us help transform your kitchen into the industrial kitchen of your dreams! From measurements to installation- we do it all! Call us today with any questions, queries or to request a quote!

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