Often when deciding how we decorate our homes; we strive for designs that are beautiful and illicit admiration. Having a beautifully decorated house can also be linked to well-being and relaxation, which is why it is helpful to know what your dream home’s aesthetic is. We, at Kitchen Depot, have provided some general guidelines that will help determine your aesthetic.

How to Decide on the Perfect Aesthetic for Your Home

Here is a blog post with 5 easy and fun ways you can use to help you determine what aesthetic best suits your dream home.

1. Start by Researching Potential Aesthetics

With so many choices, ideas and opinions on decorating, it can become overwhelming when you are trying to discover what your style is. To start, it is best to research the different aesthetic styles that are out there – the internet has a plethora of information. You may come across styles like minimalism where modern design is simplified or industrial aesthetics which exude a unique rawness. There are so many aesthetic styles available to you, from mid-century modern to traditional, French country, country, Bohemian, rustic and coastal. Now that you are aware on just how many different styles are out there, you can start narrowing it down to what you do and do not like.

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2. Look for Inspiration in Your Closet

Yes, you read that right – your closet. This may seem like the last place you would look for home inspiration, but our clothing choices often reflect the colours and style that we prefer. Take note of the colours and patterns collected; are there any that are repeated, are these colours displayed in the decorative elements of your home? This will help you determine your dream aesthetic style. If you wear a lot of grey or simple clothing items, perhaps your style is more contemporary or minimalist.

3. Take Online Quizzes

Another fun and easy way to determine what your dream home aesthetic is, is by taking online quizzes. Design companies often post quizzes that determine your style based on the answers you picked; they will then give you some examples of the style you were paired with. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration and has an endless supply of ideas and tips to help you decide.

4. Choose a Focal Feature

When determining the aesthetics for your dream home, think of a feature that you want to highlight – this will help guide you in the right direction. These features could include but are not limited to, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, brightly coloured walls, floor-to-ceiling windows or even a furniture showpiece. Different aesthetic styles have different features, for example, the industrial style focuses on exposed brickwork and limited functional furniture, while traditional styles focus on natural dark wood flooring. The feature, or features, you want to display can reflect what aesthetic style you may want to adopt.

5. Create a Vision Board

Creating a vision board, or mood board, helps determine your aesthetic style and organize your thoughts. By collecting all the colours, patterns, styles, and items you love, your design choices will be reflected and, ultimately, what your dream aesthetic is. You can do this by looking through design magazines and cutting out what you like, making use of Pinterest boards, or even using screenshots on your smartphone and saving them to a designated folder.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with the Help of Kitchen Depot

The kitchen is known by many as ‘the heart of the home’, so why not start your home’s aesthetic there? Work with our talented team at Kitchen Depot to bring your vision to life; from budgeting to measurements and installation, we can assist you with it all. For a more detailed break-down of our services, click here. Should you have any further queries, or would like to request a quote, contact us today.

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