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At The Kitchen Depot, we understand how much fun designing your new kitchen can be – while simultaneously stressful and overwhelming. There are so many different options and so many things to consider and, if you aren’t an expert, you may not know where to begin.

5 Websites for Kitchen Inspiration

Luckily, the internet is a great source of inspiration and can help guide your decisions, which is why we created this blog post to share tips for finding the best kitchen design inspiration online. Use these 5 websites to inspire you and guide you to the kitchen of your dreams.

1. House Beautiful

This website is great if you are looking for images to give you inspiration. Featuring a gallery of 85 images, House Beautiful has slide shows for various décor ideas and interior trends. Each image gives you a brief description of what it is. If you are fairly creative, this website will be beneficial for you as it will inspire you without telling you what exactly needs to be done, that way you can are able to get ideas from the images and then adapt them to suit your home

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2. Ideal Home

This online blog is great for tips and tricks when it comes to remodelling your kitchen. The online version of the popular magazine will share budget tips, popular trends, what to avoid and ‘how-to’ hacks to give you the best kitchen possible. Allow yourself to be sucked into the blog, where you may spend hours sifting through articles and gathering inspiration for your dream kitchen- all the necessary information can be found in one place!

3. Trendir

If you are stuck for ideas on what to do with your kitchen, this website is the one for you! Trendir covers all aspects of a kitchen renovation, including cabinets, centre islands, countertops and appliances. The blog features images and advice that will leave you feeling much more capable after reading a few posts. If you are doing a full kitchen renovation then this is the website for you, as they cover all aspects of the kitchen and what is better than having all your necessary information in one place.

4. Pinterest

We couldn’t resist putting Pinterest on this list! For those who are not familiar with this handy app, Pinterest allows you to search for a topic; the app then gives you a bunch of images and headings, which are linked to the websites where the images and articles are found. This makes the process easier, as you can find inspiration based on your ideas or get ideas from the search results. Save your findings and show them to your designer or family at a later stage.

5. Home Stratosphere

These in-depth articles guide you through anything you may need to know about kitchen re-modelling. Lighting, colour schemes, layout, styles and faucets are just a small amount of the topics covered. Learn everything you need to know about everything kitchen and be fully prepared to make the decisions when it comes time to purchase various items for your new kitchen.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Depot Today

Once you have visited the above websites and have a basic idea on what you want for your dream kitchen, contact Kitchen Depot. Our team of experts can assist you in bringing your ideas to life. From planning your budget to installing your countertops, we can be as involved as you like. Ensure the process runs easily and that the outcome is what you imagined- with Kitchen Depot that is guaranteed. 

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