The days of having a boring kitchen are over! It can be tough to select the perfect colour palette for your blank-canvas kitchen when there are so many different options to consider. Choosing a kitchen colour palette can be daunting; luckily not for our team at Kitchen Depot.

Stunning kitchen inspo to help you choose a kitchen colour palette perfect for your home.

5 Tips on Choosing your Kitchen’s Colour Palette

We have compiled our top 5 tips that will assist you in choosing a colour palette that is perfect for your kitchen:

1. Use a Colour Wheel

A colour wheel is a great help when it comes to selecting your kitchen’s colours, and they are so easy to use. By considering the distance between different colours, you can see which colours work together and which don’t. You can find complementary colours simply by looking at colours that are opposite each other. There are so many different ways that colour wheels can assist you.

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2. Set a Three Colour Limit

One of the most important things to remember when painting any room, is to not go overboard. Too many colours will create an overwhelming, unplanned look. You want to use a maximum of three complimenting colours for your room, such as cream, beige and white, or black, grey and blue.

3. When in Doubt, Pick Neutral Tones

Not everyone has an eye for effective colour combinations, and the last thing you want to do is pick a bad one! If you are unsure on what colours to pair, focus on find two or three neutral tones you like. You can always add a splash of colour on the flooring or skirting boards, but neutral colours never go out of fashion and are the go-to when you don’t quite know what you want.

At Kitchen Depot, we recommend neutral colours when unsure which colours to choose.

4. See the Bigger Picture

Your kitchen walls will not be the only things that will need colour. When you are choosing a colour palette, thing ahead about whether you will be able to match your appliances, flooring, countertop and cabinets to those colours.

5. Consider Your Kitchen’s Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference to how paint looks. Once you have chosen your colours, bring the paint swatches into the light and see if you still like them. Also, ensure that you do this a few times throughout the day, as different lighting will do different things for the colour.

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