Accent lighting being used in the kitchen to accentuate features on the kitchen counterMany people dream of having the perfect kitchen for their home, however, not many people know how to achieve that dream. The Kitchen Depot team understands that with so many tips and tricks on our blog, you are bound to create the perfect kitchen in no time. We have everything you need to know about lighting so that you are fully prepared to make the best decision for your kitchen.

4 Kitchen Lighting Tips for Making the Best Choice

Choosing the best lighting for your kitchen can be hard, especially if you are unfamiliar with how lighting can affect a space. This blog shares our top tips on how you can get the perfect lighting for your kitchen. These kitchen lighting tips will ensure that your kitchen gets the attention it deserves through the appropriate use of lighting.

Lighting Tip #1: Why is Lighting So Important?

You may be wondering why lighting is so important for your kitchen. Besides lighting up various spaces that need a little extra visibility, they also create a nice atmosphere. Your kitchen can go from well-lit and modern to cosy and warm all because of the lighting and lighting fixtures you choose. Different types of lighting are necessary to create an effectively lit kitchen that provides the right light for the different features. You may find the simple act of dimming or increasing the brightness of your kitchen’s lights does wonders for the room.

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Lighting Tip #2: How to Light Your Food Prep Stations

This area is arguably the most important lighting area. The lighting around the food preparation areas, such as the designated counter space for cutting or around the stove, need to be well lit to prevent any injuries whilst cooking. Dimly lit areas may result in burns from the stove or a nasty cut whilst chopping vegetables. LED strip lights are great lighting fixtures to attach underneath cabinets to light up the counter space below.

Lighting Tip #3: Layer Your Lighting

If you really want to show off your kitchen then you are going to want to layer the lighting. When layering, you are going to want to use a variety of lighting techniques for different purposes. Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to areas of interest, such as an art piece, whilst ambient lighting will have the task of lighting up the whole kitchen and creating the atmosphere you are trying to project- for example, lighting with a yellow tint will hint at warm and welcoming, whilst a bright, white light may highlight a more modern kitchen’s features. As well as these two light layers, you will also incorporate task lighting that was mentioned in the previous point.

Lighting Tip #4: Statement Lights

Statement lights are gaining more popularity by the day! These lights are attention-grabbing lights placed strategically for decorative purposes. We find that statement lighting works best in modern or minimalist kitchens, simply because of all the impressive geometric and unique shapes. Give your kitchen an even greater boost in the lighting and decorative department by including a statement light in your kitchen.

Design Your Perfect Kitchen with Kitchen Depot

Now that you know the importance of lighting and the different types, it is time to make your dream kitchen a reality. We can help you design, manufacture and install your perfect kitchen. Our team specialize in designing kitchens that last and match the image in your mind. For more information, contact us or visit our website today.

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