Kitchen sink with a fruit bowl next to itHaving a bright and welcoming kitchen is one key component of a happy home, and nothing says bright more than a touch of summer. One great benefit of allowing summer to shine in your kitchen is that you can still enjoy a bright and warm space, even during the colder months!

Whether it’s bright colours, a bold summer theme, or small additions to evoke thoughts of happy beach days, Kitchen Depot has you covered.

The Best Ways to Create Your Summer Kitchen

Here are seven tips for introducing a little bit of summer to your beloved kitchen. You can find more kitchen and design tips on our blog page.

1. Use Light Colours for Walls

Ensure that the predominant colour in your kitchen is a neutral shade, like cream or white, and balance it out with summery colours like pastel shades of yellow or blue. Brighter and lighter colours give the illusion of a bigger space, and summery colours will liven up the room.

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2. Have a Summer Theme

Choose a summer theme you love and apply it to your kitchen in different ways. If you like the beach, introduce that theme with blues and yellows, the style of your kitchenware, your placemats — even the colour of your cabinets. Be consistent and stick to your favourite theme!

3. Use Plants

Introduce coastal greenery to your kitchen and add a touch of the outdoors with large, green leaves or palm. If you also like flowers, think about bright colours in summer-themed vases to add attractive colour and freshness.

4. Install Solid Wood Surfaces

Solid wood is a great look for a bright kitchen, and using light-coloured wood will help your kitchen feel lighter and warmer.

5. Use Bright Kitchenware

Think about summer colours when you choose every item for your kitchen. Get some quirky cutlery, buy umbrellas for your cocktail glasses, use bright or pastel colours for your kettle and toaster, and add some summery finishing touches like beach fridge magnets.

6. Display Some Wall Art

Bring summer indoors by using photos and artwork. Display your favourite beach, a palm tree, a bright sunny day, or whatever invokes the idea of summer to you, and display it on your kitchen walls.

7. Open Up Your Space

Encourage as much bright, natural light into your kitchen as possible to create a more sunny space. Tailor-make your kitchen layout to best work around your windows or sources of light to create the perfect space.

Let Your Kitchen Shine with Design from Kitchen Depot

Look at our customised kitchens from Kitchen Depot to inspire your summer kitchen; you can be sure to create your ideal kitchen space and let the summer vibe shine through. Contact us with any questions about your tailor-made kitchen or cabinets.

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