As the heart of any home, the kitchen is a cross-functional space that needs to meet a multitude of demands. A functional and stylish kitchen is the ideal space for cooking fantastic meals and entertaining your favourite guests, and as such, no shortcuts should be taken with regards to interior design.

Colour scheme and countertops are important, but the finishing touches go just as far when it comes to creating a holistic style experience in your home. Lighting is one such feature that is often overlooked, but can have a powerful impact on how your interior design translates in real life.

Take a look at our top 7 stylish kitchen lighting ideas to take your space to the next level.

Illuminate the Kitchen Island

An island counter is an invaluable addition to any kitchen, creating a lot of workspace and additional storage space, allowing all kitchen activities to pivot around a central point. It makes sense, then, to illuminate the island counter with its own light or series of lights, to highlight the central point of the room in a stylish way. Pendant lights are a popular choice for this interior design tip!

Expose the Electrical Elements

In keeping with current trends, it is often fun to create a modern industrial type of kitchen, exposing wiring and highlighting metallic elements in amongst rustic brickface and clean, neutral coloured surfaces. A very stylish kitchen lighting idea is to wrap hanging bulbs around your fixtures, such as a brass pot rack. This industrial look is a great way to personalise your space without breaking the bank.

Ever So Fashionable Edison Bulbs

For a super trendy vintage vibe in your kitchen, install a number of hanging Edison bulbs over your kitchen island or around the room strategically. Edison bulbs emit a lot of light, whilst creating a warm and inviting focal point.

Single Edison Bulb Light

Utilitarian Task Lighting

Task lighting is still a major trend in kitchen lighting ideas. Our favourite iteration of this trend is the installation of downlights on the underside of kitchen cabinets. This kind of kitchen lighting allows you to better see what you are doing when preparing meals and snacks, and also creates a dimmer lighting option (as compared to the main lights) for when you are entertaining.

Chic Chandeliers

In a more modern kitchen, it can be extremely chic to incorporate a chandelier into your space to make a statement. Metallic or glass chandeliers create a bold focal point in a clean and modern kitchen, drawing the eye in and exuding a luxe feel.

White Farmhouse Kitchen with Chandelier

Clever In-Cabinet Lights

We’ve added lights in just about every crevice of the kitchen in the past, but have you considered lining the inside of your cabinets with LED lights? Cabinets with glass fronts are a great feature of any kitchen, and can be utilised to create more dim, attractive lighting fixtures. Whether you want to highlight your at-home bar, or simply add some sparkle by illuminating your crystal champagne flutes, LED lights inside the cabinet will bring the extra ‘something’ you’ve been looking for.Cabinets with Lights Inside

Show-Stopper Track Lighting

If you are looking for a kitchen lighting fixture that will wow your guests, you may be in the market for some track lighting! Mimic your favourite broadway productions and feel like a stylish celebrity beneath these gorgeous lights. The fixtures mimic stage lighting, and work well in sets of 3, divvying up the light directions as you please. Complete your kitchen with these chic retro fixtures and feel like a star in your home!

Adjustable SIlver Track Lights

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