Christmas cookies being cut out on a trayWith the festive season just around the corner, it is time to start preparing your kitchen to be inundated with guests and festive cheer. It is often easy to forget the kitchen when pre-occupied with decorating the rest of the home for the holidays, but the kitchen is the heart of the home and where a large amount of the holiday preparation takes place. Kitchen Depot has plenty of tips to help you prepare your kitchen for the festive season.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Festive Season

From cookie-making to preparing feasts, the kitchen is an important part of the home, especially around the holidays. Visit our blog for more great tips and tricks for your kitchen.

1. Check Your Appliances

This is extremely important. You won’t get very far in preparing your feast or baking cookies if your appliances are at risk of packing in. Ensure that the main appliances like your oven and fridge are working at their optimum level to ensure a surprise shut-down doesn’t happen in the middle of cooking. If they are showing signs of being on their last legs, replace or repair them before they break unexpectedly. Also check other appliances that you haven’t used in a while, such as a beater, slow-cooker, etc. to ensure they still function as they should.

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2. Bring Out the Cheesy Decor

It isn’t Christmas without cheesy oven mitts, wine covers and dish towels! It is pointless having a beautifully decorated house and a stark kitchen. Add some festive cheer to your kitchen by adding some cheesy decorations- why not put a small sound system in the kitchen to play your favourite holiday hits?

3. Remove Clutter

If you are having people in and out of your kitchen, the last thing you want is cluttered surfaces. It is also frustrating if you are needing counter space, but it is filled with items that shouldn’t be there. Get ahead of the game and get rid of clutter now before you get swept up in the holiday rush.

4. Ensure You Have Enough Cutlery, Plates, Etc.

This is extremely important if you are hosting family and friends. Make sure that you have enough dinner plates, cutlery, dessert plates and glasses for all your guests.

5. Optimize Your Kitchen Layout

If you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, we recommend adjusting your layout so that the prime areas are accessible to quickly move between them. Make sure that the bin is close and easily accessible and plug points are close to your appliances. A good kitchen layout is worth having all year round, try putting your sink, fridge and stove in a triangle layout to make cooking a breeze.

For All Your Kitchen Renovations- Call Kitchen Depot

If your kitchen is needing some work done, in preparation for the festive season or the new year, you need Kitchen Depot. We are here to assist you in any and all parts of your kitchen renovation. Visit our website for more information or contact us today.

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