Kitchen made with natural materialsWith winter in the air, we imagine that most people are prepping their homes for the colder months. This means getting the fireplace ready, bringing out the winter blankets and trying to make their space that much cosier. It is easy to make your bedroom and living room snug, however, it is more challenging to create a cosy kitchen. The Kitchen Depot team are experts in kitchen transformations and are sharing how to create a cosy kitchen for this winter season.

How to Create the Perfect Cosy Kitchen

Start prepping for the chilly months by creating the perfect cosy kitchen. Kitchen Depot are sharing 5 ways to help you achieve this. Visit our blog for more kitchen transformation ideas.

1. Channel Your Inner Minimalist

You can decide how far you want to go with this. We have found that a kitchen looks especially cosy when it contains natural materials, such as woods and plants as opposed to marble and porcelain. Also, reduce as much clutter as possible. A cluttered kitchen will look more claustrophobic than cosy.

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2. Improve Your Seating

If you want your kitchen to be a cosy place where people get together, then you need to re-look at your seating options. No one wants to sit on icy bar stools when it is freezing out. Revamp with comfortable cushions for stools and dining table chairs. If you are lucky enough to have a breakfast nook, ensure it is decked out in comfortable cushions, throw pillows and even a few blankets within reach.

3. Revamp Your Current Lighting

Consider your kitchen lighting when trying to make a room cosy. Low lighting works when making a bedroom snug and inviting, however, in a kitchen you want brightness all round. Any shadows or low-lit corners will make the space appear cold and unwelcoming. Make use of natural lighting during the days by having your drapes or curtains right back and replace your light bulbs with something brighter to make the room warmer. We recommend white lighting for the best coverage in your kitchen.

4. Add Some Candles

Candles are a simple way to make a space more romantic and inviting. Scatter your kitchen with candles for an extra glow when you need it. A bonus is that you can purchase candles with winter scents that will make your kitchen even more inviting!

5. Add Rugs

This is the quickest and easiest way to warm up a kitchen for winter. Fresh tiles look great in the summer months but can look icy during the winter. If you want to take it a step further, layer your rugs for the ultimate warm look. Avoid summery colours and rather opt for neutral tones or dark shades, such as reds, maroons and forest greens.

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams with Kitchen Depot

Do you think a breakfast nook, or a new colour scheme will make your kitchen more inviting? Kitchen Depot is able to help you create the kitchen of your dreams and are able to assist you through every step of your renovation. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

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