Neutral kitchen with bright yellow cabinets above the counterAt The Kitchen Depot, we believe that if you are considering renovating or giving your kitchen a little make-over, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many kitchen colour scheme trends you can find on the internet.

2020 Top Kitchen Colour Schemes

Whether you are following a modern kitchen theme or something more old school, we have collected 5 of the most popular colour schemes predicted to dominate in 2020 and have compiled them for you to peruse at your leisure. Don’t waste your precious time sifting through colour schemes – we’ve done it for you! Keep reading the blog as reveal 5 colour schemes perfect for a 2020 kitchen.

Scheme #1: All-White + Wood

We don’t think that this trend will ever go out of style. If you are a person who is able to maintain a chic, white house then this all-white kitchen with natural wood elements is for you. We are talking about white floors, cupboards and walls with the hint of natural wood tones found on cabinet doors, countertops and barstool seats. The all-while on the kitchens main features and appliances will really draw attention to the areas where the wood has been used, giving your kitchen the perfectly appealing aesthetic.

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Scheme #2: Dark Greens

Before you close the tab, hear us out! Green may not be your first thought when you are thinking about colour schemes for kitchens, but dark forest/emerald/seaweed greens are fast becoming one of the most popular colours for 2020. The dark green colours work best with neutral tones, such as grey, white or natural wood. Green paired with natural wood gives your home an eco-friendly, nature vibe which is big amongst homeowners in 2020. Do us a favour and google some green kitchens- you won’t be disappointed.

Scheme #3: Yellows

If you are looking for a colour scheme that is a little more daring and will keep you cheery all year round, then yellow is your kitchen colour for 2020. From one bright yellow main appliance to all your cabinets, yellow is a big interior trend this year. If you need even more convincing on why you should choose this warm and bright colour, it pairs well with all neutral colours. Our personal favourite is yellow and white, however, you can pair it with grey, black or brown.

Scheme #4: Grey, Grey & More Grey

If yellow isn’t really your thing (we get it, it is a bit much for some people) and your home is more modernly chic, then grey is your go-to. This colour has climbed steadily throughout the last few years and now it is, arguably, at the top of the list, at least for modern style homes. We recommend finding two shades of grey that pair well together for your kitchen, even three shades work well together. Greys will give your kitchen a very professional image that is perfect for a modern home.

Scheme #5: Navy

Another fairly new colour making its debut onto the top colour scheme trends is Navy Blue. Navy Blue is a colour that really deserves so much more credit than it receives. For starters, it is an effortlessly cool and calming colour that looks great when paired with any neutral colour or kitchen material. If you are wanting a unique kitchen that isn’t too crazy, Navy is your answer. Your guest’s attention will be turned straight to your kitchen and we don’t blame them.

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