We are so lucky to live in a time where everything we need to know can be found online. Social media is gaining popularity for being, not only a social platform but to inspire. Since our team at Kitchen Depot discovered the thousands of décor and design Instagram accounts, we have been hooked!

Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Home Redesign

Let yourself be inspired by checking these 5 Instagram accounts- who knows, maybe you will come across your next kitchen colour scheme or storage hack!

#1. @inspiremehomedecor

With a following of nearly 6 million, there is no doubt that this account is a homeowner’s dream. Lose yourself in the aesthetically pleasing images from homes all over the world. Get ideas for all rooms of the house and leave your future guests in awe. Learn easy ways to store your pillows, stunning wine storage designs and how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area.

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#2. @homeadore

If you love wood elements in the home, this account is for you. Inspired by nature, you will find indoor-plant ideas and hardwood floor inspiration amongst the tasteful and cosy décor. Create your dream home with the help of these unique, modern and rustic ideas that are typically combined to create the most stunning interiors.

#3. @housescreative

We love finding all our home inspiration on one page! @housescreative is a great account to source all your home design ideas from; you can find modern, rustic, minimalistic and so many more different themes to help get your ideas flowing. We have been daydreaming about our dream kitchen inspired by various posts on this account- it is impossible not to! Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and be prepared to be blown away by the utter beauty found in some homes and let it inspire you to dream up your ideal home.

#4. @kitchendesign

This account believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home- and we have to agree. From all-white to blue, to black, there is kitchen inspiration for all. What we love most about this account are the regular videos they post, demonstrating various kitchen hacks and design ideas that photos are unable to effectively capture. Find inspiration on countertops, cabinets, lighting and décor all on one account.

#5. @myhomelydecor

This is a less popular account, but we couldn’t resist making it number 5 on our list. Not everyone has ample space to work with when designing their homes and kitchens, which is what stood out about this account. Focusing on homely inspiration, @my_homely_decor share visually appealing images of various rooms decorated in the most divine and romantic ways. Most of these rooms are not big at all, however, the various designers have successfully created a space that is tasteful, complimenting and, most importantly, homely.

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