White and Blue kitchen with kitchen islandWith all the time you are spending at home during the Coronavirus lockdown, the Kitchen Depot team realise that you may find yourself more inspired to take on tasks in the home that you had previously been avoiding. This can be reorganizing your closet, planting a vegetable garden or renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Whilst you can’t purchase any additional products or hire a service for your dream kitchen renovation, you can certainly make a start by decluttering unwanted items, planning the changes you want to be made and online ‘window shopping’ the items you need to make this change happen. We have put together 3 timeless kitchen design styles in this blog to inspire and guide you. These kitchen designs are timeless for a reason. If interior decorating is not your forte, try mimicking these styles for a kitchen that everyone will love.

Timeless Kitchen Trend #1: Natural Materials

If you are after a timeless kitchen interior, it is wise to stick to natural materials. Picture a kitchen of wood and stone. If you are striving for a timeless look, it is important that you resist modern materials, such as stainless and other engineered materials, and rather stick to what is natural. Using natural materials doesn’t have to be boring though; you can use natural granite, limestone or marble. These materials do require regular resealing, so if you are looking for something that requires less maintenance, there are man-made variations of these stones, that are also more cost-effective.

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Timeless Kitchen Trend #2: Kitchen Islands That Are More Than Just Extra Workspace

If your kitchen is big enough, a kitchen island is definitely worth considering. When it comes to a kitchen, you can never have too much workspace, so we always welcome a kitchen island. However, what makes a kitchen timeless is a multi-purpose kitchen island. Multi-purpose kitchen islands not only offer additional workspace, but they also offer extra seating and storage space. An island that is multi-purpose is the perfect addition to a timeless kitchen.

Timeless Kitchen Trend #3: Spacious Sinks

Pulling inspiration from old farmhouses, the spacious sink is a timeless trend that we can fully get behind. We can’t be the only ones that feel there never is quite enough room in our kitchen sink. Trough-like, farmhouse sinks have become more popular as the years go by. Avoiding messy water sprays and dishes piling up along the counter, spacious kitchen sinks were popular back in the day and are here to stay. Look at a variety of materials to find one that best suits your kitchen- it doesn’t really have to look like a horse trough!

Create Your Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Depot

We are ready and waiting to make your kitchen dreams a reality post-lockdown. Use this time to plan the kitchen of your dreams before coming to us to make it happen. From measurements to installation, we are ready to help you make the changes you need. Contact us with any questions, queries or to request a quote.

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