Modern Kitchen with protea flowers on counterThe end of 2020 is fast-approaching and what a successful year it has been for Kitchen Depot! We have had the opportunity to create a multitude of stunning kitchens for our clients. We have seen so many kitchen trends come and go that we are experts in determining the trends that will stick around for a while.

3 Kitchen Trends Predicted to Become MORE Popular in 2021

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Trend #1: Metallics

Metallic finishes in kitchens were inspired by the roaring Twenties, Gatsby style. Metal finishes on appliances, surfaces and furniture are becoming extremely popular, as well as to accent lamps, handles and other kitchen decorative items.

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Trend #2: Smart= Eco-friendly

We love seeing our clients worrying about the environment. By investing in smart appliances, home owners are ensuring that their kitchen is more environmentally-friendly, as smart appliances use less energy and have a lower environmental impact.

Trend #3: Colour Pops

We love this trend and are so glad that it will be sticking around for the new year. Gone are the days when kitchens are strictly neutral colours, like white and black. Bold primary colours are now being used for kitchen appliances to add pops of colour around the room. Besides primary colours, other popular colours include dark greens and blues, as well as sage and moss green, baby blue, red and pastel yellow.

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