With so many different dishes, utensils and appliances, it is normal for a kitchen to often feel over-crowded. At Kitchen Depot, we spend countless hours designing kitchens that maximize space, whilst still looking visually appealing.

10 Savvy Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

Let these smart kitchen storage trends inspire you to get creative with your kitchen storage solutions for a clutter-free, organised kitchen. Read these 10 storage trends to get inspiration, then look at how you can incorporate them into your kitchen for optimal storage.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #1: Install Pull-Out Shelves Inside Cabinets

Pull-out shelves are a lifesaver when it comes to saving space. Many cabinets have a large amount of space and only two platforms for storage, which keeps you from making the most of the space. Maximize the space by adding an additional one or two shelves that can be pulled out for easy access.

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Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #2: Add Free-Standing Shelves

If your cabinets and pantry are already heaving, look for some extra space around your kitchen. Find a space against a wall and add a free-standing shelf to store dishes and cutlery. By doing this, you are freeing up plenty cabinet space for casserole dishes, pots, pans and other cooking utensils.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #3: Install a Magnetic Knife Rack

Kitchen countertops can get rather cluttered with all the appliances, knife holders, spice racks and other countertop items. A magnetic knife rack is a simple way to remove bulky knife holders and have your kitchen knives stuck to the wall above the counter for easy accessibility.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #4: Make Use of the Tops of Cabinets

A great place for bulky pots and pans and appliances you rarely use is on top of overhead cabinets. These items are out the way and rarely noticed by people who don’t know they’re there.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #5: Use the Backs of Your Doors

The back of doors in your kitchen, be it pantry, cabinet or entrance doors, all serve as great storage spots. Add hooks, racks or small shelves for keeping small items handy.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #6: Optimize Your Pantry Space

Pantries tend to get cluttered and full extremely quickly. Make the most of your pantry space by using baskets and jars to remove bulky packaging and know exactly where everything is.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #7: Don’t Forget the Storage Opportunities Around Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have plenty of places to incorporate storage solutions. From pull-out cutlery and produce drawers to under cabinets for bulky pots and pans, a kitchen island offers a whole new area for storage.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #8: Install Hanging Systems

Installing hanging racks for dish towels, spice racks and overhead pots and pans can not only look like a decorative feature in your kitchen but also as a great storage hack. Store fruit and vegetables in hanging baskets and pots, pans and cooking utensils above the centre island, your breakfast table or the oven.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #9: Keep Cooking Utensils in Mason Jars

Cooking utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, can be bulky and take up space in your drawers. For an artsy, rustic look, use mason jars as countertop storage next to the stove.

Smart Kitchen Storage Trend #10: Be Smart & Share Space

Don’t be afraid to use other areas of your home for extra storage. Add a plate cabinet into the dining room with the plates, casserole dishes and trays. To make it look like a decorative piece, have your best plates and utensils on display and keep the less-aesthetically pleasing items in a cabinet underneath.

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